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Posted by Lucy On August - 25 - 2011

Isn’t this an amazing sculpture of a mother with a baby in a pushchair –

Title – Pablo Picasso – Woman with Baby Carriage, 1950

On show at Smithsonian Hirschhorn Art Gallery Washington DC

I thought it would be a different picture to illustrate one of the posts on here, which is about useful contacts.



I am often asked where to obtain spare parts for Silver Cross prams, or other vintage prams, so here is a list of useful websites which may be helpful to anyone restoring a pram. – this is part of the Silver Cross company, based in West Yorkshire, where the Silver Cross Heritage range of coachbuilt prams are made. If you want a complete refurbishment of an old pram they will do this for you, or if you need parts for a pram they also supply these, for both the 40″ and 36″ models.You can buy replacement hoods, apron, hood arms, apron fasteners, etc from here, full details are on their website. – this a supplier of nuts and bolts and other items, and they have the “lift the dot” type of apron fasteners on their website as well, very competitive prices. – a national network of groups who offer everything free of charge (for non commercial use), a good way of recycling unwanted items and passing them on to someone who has a use for them.You can also post a wanted ad on their website too. – look on here for pram hooding material, leather straps and hood lining material. Also check for prams for sale. – they sell all kinds of fabric and sewing materials, as well as cotton backed pvc which is useful for relining hoods and aprons. this company sells everything you could possible need for sewing pram sets etc, they stock fabric, trimmings, lace, etc and do a mail order service if you can’t get to one of their stores. – this company offers a mail order service for Silver Cross prams, ranging from the prams to accessories. – for all your paints, primers, chrome cleaners and polishes. – if you have a pram with a wooden body it is important to check this is not infested with woodworm. This website sells the Boron range of products for dealing with woodworm. – this is the website of The Fixery in USA  who sell parts for Silver Cross prams. – this is based in Australia and may be able to help with restoring your coachbuilt pram.

If you know of other useful websites please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. mary ann kisker says:

    The Fixery in New York restores Silver Cross prams mostly the newer models, (1970’s)
    They are willing to help with other older prams (Marmet etc.)
    Can be quite expensive

  2. Hi,
    I have a Wilson pram from the 1950s or 60s (I think). It may be Australian made – not sure.
    It has English wheels made by Hughes. The tyres are very much at the end of their life, and I’m trying to find replacements. Can anyone help?? The front wheels are 16″ x 7/8″, and the back wheels are 18″ x 7/8″. The chassis needs restoration, but the wheels are in good condition other than the tyres.
    Any feedback would be great.
    Jason (Sydney, Australia)

  3. rose kyte says:

    Hello there i have a vintage pedagree pram i just got it not so long ago and in progress of doing it up now i need to know does any one know how i can get 4 bolts or nuts for the wheels looks like they screw on or you push them on it has 2 nuts or bolts already but missing 2 i live in New Zealand im a pram lover of these’s prams could you send me some pics of the nuts or bolts for the wheels my pram is a 1960 vintage pedagree pram those black and white ones thank you kindly rose

    • Lucy says:

      Can anyone who has a Pedigree pram help Rose please?

    • Debbie-Kate says:

      only just seen this post as our internet has been down, I took my Pedigree pram from the late 50’s/60’s to a small local car repair garage ran by an elderly mechanic as the handle was loose and one wheel had no pin fastener he fixed it all as he had many imperial measured parts as appose to metric which is used today, I have since sold the pram as it was not quite to my taste. Its an idea you might try he was intrigued to see someone turn up with a pram rather than a car! he was delighted to be asked if he could help.

  4. Corey wenham says:

    I am also doing up a old pram. A pedigree one I am after new tyres for it 14 7/8 front and 18 7/8 rear.. I am finding it hard to find from new zealand. Any help will be good

    • Lucy says:

      If you contact OldtimerPrams (they have a website) they may be able to help. Although they are based in France they are English speaking and are very helpful and may ship to NZ

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