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Posted by Lucy On December - 7 - 2017

My new book ‘Twelve Prams of Christmas” has been launched today on Amazon! You can download it to your Kindle (and if you don’t have Kindle – put one on your Christmas list!)



The book contains twelve stories about prams at  Christmas, compiled by interviewing lots of people who loved sharing their memories with us.

I often take my prams to Care Homes, some of the stories are from the old people there, others are from people I have met on pram outings. The stories are retold with the permission of those involved, they all said how much they enjoyed sharing their memories, and of course they loved seeing my prams too.  Some of the stories are about prams received from Santa, one lady worked in a pram shop and shared her memories and there is a very poignant story from another lady, now in her nineties, who took her six month old baby to visit family for the first time at Christmas.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it.

This is the link where you can find it on Amazon, or you can search ‘prams at Christmas’ in the Amazon Kindle store


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  1. Isabel Lavis says:

    I bought this book on my kindle , I really enjoyed reading it over the Christmas period , the stories were so similar to my own feelings about wanting, wishing and praying for a dolls pram of my own.
    I did have one for Christmas just before my 3rd Birthday, it was a little tin pram, white with a red hood and apron, mum said I pushed it around all Christmas Day that year not wanting to stop to eat or drink , in went all the dollies and teddies and off they went for a walk whether they wanted to or not !!

    Thanks for the memories xxx

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