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Posted by Lucy On June - 20 - 2017
 In the UK our weather can be unpredictable so we have to be prepared for all kinds of weather.   Have you got a sun canopy  should we have another hot summer?

With our British summers you may be wondering what is the point in buying a canopy. The answer is simple – to keep the sun off the baby. As well as exposing it to ultra violet rays which can cause damage to a baby’s sensitive skin, strong sunlight can damage a baby’s eyes.

I see far too many young mothers with their babies in modern prams with no shade whatsoever for the child, not even with a sunhat. A young mum I know said her child pulled off a sunhat, in that case I suggested she sew ties onto the hat so it could be fastened beneath the baby’s chin – it worked! There are sunshades or parasols available for most modern buggies, so if you know someone with a baby please make sure they know how important it is to protect a baby from the sun. And more importantly, make them aware of the following advice:

Warnings have been given out in the media about covering the front of a buggy with a blanket or cardigan/coat to shield the baby from the sun. This is HIGHLY DANGEROUS and there is a danger the child could suffocate as the interior of the pram will become very, very hot.   Imagine being put inside something enclosed like that on a hot summer day. How would you feel? Claustrophobic? Unable to breathe?  Not to mention being unable to see anything! Babies are unable to regulate their own temperatures so it is VITAL that the parent takes notice of this warning, it could save a child’s life.

With a traditional pram canopy the baby is protected from the sun’s rays but at the same time is kept cool because they are still in the open air, but in the shade of the canopy. And if the canopy has a fringe the baby will be kept amused watching it moving in a gentle breeze.

A canopy should have an anti glare lining, usually in green material, which is better for the baby’s eyes and protects them from the glare of strong sunlight.When I bought my first canopy the Sales Assistant told me that it should be fixed onto the pram with the longer side over the pram bed and the shorter side over the hood, this allows maximum protection for the baby. However, there are different views on whether this is correct or not, personal choice I suppose.

The hood should be lowered before putting on the canopy and left in that position, if you leave the hood up then the inside of the pram will be too hot and uncomfortable.

This photo shows the canopy knob to the right of the hood arm.

Some canopies have adjustable arms which allows for them to be placed higher up on the pram when a baby is sitting up. The cords on the canopy can also be shortened or lengthened on most types, allowing for adjustment as required. Do make sure the cords are securely looped, using the leather fobs, over the canopy studs at each end of the pram body, and the arms secured on the sides of the hood fasteners.

To fix the canopy you will need to unscrew the canopy knobs  at the sides of the hood, slot the canopy over the screws, then tighten the canopy knob. (see picture above – the canopy knob is at the bottom right on the hood on this pic). Note that the canopy knobs do not unscrew completely off the pram, so don’t try to remove them.

Another reason to use a canopy is to protect the pram hood. When prams are exposed to sunlight the fabric will soon fade. For this reason it is best to always use a sun canopy when your pram is outside in sunny weather.  When the pram is not being used put it out of direct sunlight, or make sure you keep the hood and apron covered. An old sheet or dust cover is ideal as it will cover all the pram hood and apron.This also keeps the dust off as well as preventing fading. Any fabric which is exposed to sunlight for any length of time will fade and it can also rot.

Let’s hope we have a scorching hot summer here in the UK this year and please ensure you make any young parents aware of the safety issues regarding covering their modern buggies with a blanket instead of using a parasol.

The pictures below show the two ways to affix a pram canopy, you decide which you prefer.

berkeley 3

Picture showing a canopy with the long side over the pram body


Lyns ambassador 1Picture of sun canopy with short side over pram body (picture courtesy of Lyn B)


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  1. Gail Flowers says:

    I live in USA, Chicago area, have a Pedigree pram, where can I purchase a sun canopy. Will a Silver Cross canopy fit a Pedigree pram ?

    • Lucy says:

      You could look on E Bay and ask if anyone is willing to ship a canopy to the USA. Canopies are in different widths,so you need to measure the width of the hood on your pram, (between the canopy knobs at each side) to find the size you need.

  2. Maureen says:

    a 36″ bodied pram takes a 19″ sun canopy.
    then there are sun canopy’s in 21″ and 22″ which fit the larger coach built prams,hope this helps xxx

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