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Posted by Lucy On June - 6 - 2017

Now summer is upon us in the UK, there are lots of events around the country where you can take a pram. These events include Vintage or WW2 events, where prams always attract a lot of attention. It is of course better if your pram is authentic to the era, if you take a seventies pram to a forties event there is sure to be at least one re-enactor who may make unkind comments, but chances are most of them won’t know the age of a pram anyway.

For a 1940’s event dress the pram as it would have been in those austere war years, no frilly pram sets or flouncy canopies. Handknitted pram blankets or plain pram quilts are more in keeping. Babies would be dressed in handknitted pram sets or a simple hand knitted cardigan and hat and a dress or rompers. A string of wooden cotton reels will suffice as a pram rattle, or a handmade pompon hanging from the hood will look authentic, remember in the war years it was a case of make do and mend.

It doesn’t matter if your pram representing the war years is a bit battered, prams in those days were very scarce so were passed down amongst family and friends and were often the worse for wear.

Unless they were upper class, ladies wouldn’t have furs draped over their shoulders or wear fur jackets. For general everyday use they would more often than not wear a simple coat and cover their head with a headscarf, or “for best” they would wear a nice dress (with a string of beads around their neck), coat or cardigan and always a hat. And a 1940’s lady always wore gloves. Cloth or leather ones to wear with a coat, or lacy or crocheted cotton ones in summer. Handbags were “boxy” styles and wedge heel shoes were very popular, this was because the wedge heel was more sturdy and thus hardwearing.

Prams over 25 years old are now classed as “vintage” so at vintage events it is perfectly acceptable to take a pram over that age. Outfits for babies and parents are different according to the decade so check on google for ideas.

One thing to remember though is if you are now a “mature” lady then it is more authentic to dress according to how someone your age would dress in vintage eras, not how a young mum of that time would dress.

If you check out the website for “Rod’s Diary” there is a list of all WW2 events. If I know of any others I will add them on here, or you can add any in the comments section of this post by going to the website.

batley3 This was taken last year at a vintage event, look at the different types of prams. And look at all the people admiring them!

Another word of advice is to perhaps add a notice on your pram asking people not to touch the doll (or pram), unless you can supervise them of course. Reborn dolls are very costly and can easily be damaged if people will insist on touching them to make sure they are not real. Also don’t leave valuables, such as purses or phones in the pram bag or under the pram cover as it has been known for people to unzip ┬áthe bag and steal items. Sadly a sign of the age we live in.

But most of all, get yourself and your prams off to as many events as you can this summer and don’t forget to send us photos if you would like to see them on the website! You can e mail them to me –






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  1. paulina says:

    Woah…….other pramaholics. There was I thinking I had an unsociable habit. Never had children so never practised what I learnt with my dolls pram.

    Look out I am joining in!!

    • Lucy says:

      Excellent! Another prammie!!!

    • Paulina says:

      I now have some 20 prams…..and expanding collection. Fascinated by technical changes and developments of my prams and how easy it is to start a collection because of availabilty and internet access to feed my habit! Happy days :)

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