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Posted by Lucy On October - 17 - 2017

As autumn is here, I thought it might be useful to remind you  once again of how to store your pram. Maybe you only use your pram throughout the summer months to attend events, in which case you need to know how to look after it when putting it away for the winter. Or maybe you are storing a pram until it is needed for another baby. Whatever the reason, you should find these tips invaluable.

Before storing the pram, give it a good clean and get rid of any dirt on the tyres, polish the bodywork and chrome and brush the hood and apron. Always make sure you keep the hood up, fully stretched with the hood arms locked in place, and keep the apron on with the storm flap fastened to the hood. This will keep them in good condition and maintain a good fit, with no creases or fold marks.

Remove any bedding – it will become damp if left in a cold place and also mice love to make nests in comfy bed quilts and pillows! Keep bedding in the house if possible or use those airtight bags which can be flattened after the air is removed and then sealed.

The best place to store a pram is in a moderate temperature room, damp and cold conditions will soon cause rust spots to appear on the chrome.

If you don’t have enough space in the house to keep your pram, you may have no option but to keep it in the garage or a shed, or maybe a summerhouse. If the shed is insulated it will be better, outbuildings soon become damp in cold weather. If you wish to use heating then using a greenhouse heater will be safer than other forms of heating and will heat the shed sufficiently to keep the prams at an ambient temperature.

You can of course pay for prams to go into a storage unit but this could work out expensive over time. If you have no option but to put the pram in an outhouse or garage, then coat the chrome work with vaseline, this will protect it and is easily cleaned off later.

Cover the hood and apron to prevent them fading if they are not going to be used for a while, drape a sheet or old bedspread over them and this will be adequate. I also put an old duvet around the coachwork to prevent anything accidentally catching the sides. Charity shops usually have bedding which can be bought cheaply if you don’t have any yourself.

The most important thing NOT to do …

Do not use a polythene cover, this will make the pram “sweat” and may encourage mould. Alternatively you could have a cover that is made especially for coachbuilt prams, but these are quite expensive and not necessary when a sheet will do the job just as well. A large sheet similar to the ones used by decorators is also very useful, these are available online and are very reasonably priced and large enough to completely cover a large coachbuilt pram.

At regular intervals check on the pram and move it slightly so the tyres don’t flatten with being kept in one position and leave the brake off, otherwise this will also flatten the rubber on the tyres.

If you follow this advice your pram should remain in good condition until you need to use it again, then all you need to do is freshen it up. Give it a polish again, even when it has been covered up it is surprising the amount of dust that can gather. Wipe down the interior with a solution of warm water and bicarbonate of soda and leave the pram outside in the fresh air for a few hours, oil any moving parts, check the brake is working, the wheels turn smoothly. etc before using your pram again.

One last, very important, thing to remember about storing your pram is the security aspect, it has been known for prams to be stolen from garages. If you have to keep your pram in a garage or shed keep them out of sight if possible, and make sure the locks are adequate, and for extra security you could install an alarm system. You could also use a wheel lock, as used for cycles, to anchor the pram to a workbench or similar. Remember. no amount of insurance will compensate for the theft of a cherished pram.


P.S.   If you can add any more tips please do write them in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Evelyn Kelly says:

    I do agree on your point that it is better to use sheet for prams instead using the polythene. I found your tips very helpful for me as I am also a mom of a girl and recently we have bought a new pram for our girl. Lucy…thank you so much for sharing these brilliant tips. I will keep all these things in my mind while storing my girl pram.

    • Lucy says:

      Thank you, I am glad you found the tips helpful. Enjoy your pram!

      • Nancy says:

        Lucy have a tiny tear on the inside long bumper (pastel dash) I’m not confident about recovering it, can you give me any ideas on how to repair it.

        • Lucy says:

          If it is only a small tear you may be able to use glue to stick it together, use a cocktail stick and make sure the edges meet.

    • elaine says:

      Hi, does anyone know if it is ok to use wd40 on my pram or should I use oil?

      • Debbie-Kate says:

        my husband put WD40 on the wheels on a Allwin pram I brought at a car boot and it worked fine, an elderly neighbour said they used to put vaseline on the chrome parts when they stored a pram waiting for the next baby to come along and use it.

        • Lucy says:

          Yes that is a very well known tried and tested tip to coat all chrome with Vaseline before storing a pram. This can then be cleaned off and the pram will be almost as good as new as the Vaseline protects the chrome from rusting.

    • June says:

      Thank you – that is really helpful. My Silver Cross Balmoral has been stored in various locations over the last twenty years. I think I did everything you mention NOT to do when I stored it! I recently took it out to renovate it for a grandchild and I wished I had your expert opinion on how to store it all those years ago. I now know what to do!

  2. Brenda says:

    They make good sense, I do that with mine thanks for any tips

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Lucy, very useful tips, especially about leaving the brake off. I also give prams an airing, weather permitting, in the warmth of the winter sun for an hour.

  4. Joan wem says:

    Thankyou for your help…I would like to find the model name of my first silver cross pram bought in 1956… My last one was silver shadow. The 1956 one was black with an oval shape on the centre side panel

  5. Chris turnbull says:

    Is it possible to obtain a catalogue of all the twin dolls prams made by Silver Cross sine 1950. This is a new interest for me and I would dearly love to obtain the name of the model of my pram (which I no longer have) and perhaps locate one in due course. I also have the remains of a swallow dolls pram with the original name on.

  6. sheena says:

    Hi Lucy thanks for the tip on storing your pram,its dolls pram I have just bought second hand ,had to buy wheel cap ,dont know how to fix it on ,has anyone any info ?its a orbiton silver cross

  7. Peter Merz says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Somehow the message didn’t get through.
    My question regards REstoring a pram -Silver Cross.
    How does one put new rubbers on the bottom of the metal container which carries the baby. (I’ve got the Rubbers but can’t undo the nuts or screws that held the perished ones.


  8. Sarah Henson says:

    Thank you for these tips. I’ve had a Wilson pram for 30 years and have only just got interested in restoring it!

  9. Tara says:

    Could you give me some advice my chids dolls pram body is leaning to one side is there anything i can do to straighten it

    • Jade says:

      I have the same problem with mine, have you resolved it? I think mine got a bit damaged when husband and dad moved it!

  10. Christine says:

    Thanks for all the good tips Lucy..wouldn’t have thought about leaving brake off but do know to keep hood up..great advice keep the tips coming as I will soon be restoring (hopefully) an old black SX dolls pram my 1st restoration..squeal

  11. Joanne Heywood says:

    Thank you for imparting your advice. Love to read your tips.

  12. Ilane Russo says:

    I am storing the vintage pram I recently purchased in my garage as I have no room for it right now.I have a blanket over it but I left it with the brake on.I have an insulated garage door.I have it in the garage since July and now it is autumn and it is cooler and I do not know if I should bring it inside.It is in great condition for its age and I have not had time to really clean and polish it.I have spent on accessories a couple of hundred dollars but I feel it is worth it.I am glad to have some advice as I have not a clue.

  13. Ilane Russo says:


    • EVE W says:

      Oh dear me Ilane, I just know what you mean. half a century ago I spent the whole of my maternity grant and more besides and bought a new Wilson’s of Guisley, High Coach Built La Dauphine pram in white with brown hood, apron and 2 inch brown section at the base of the carriage. I loved it but gave it away (lack of space) after my three children had all been babies in it. Shame! When my first daughter had her first baby I bought a second hand Silver Cross pram for her first baby, my now 32 years old grandson. I think it may have been a Silver Cross Silver Shadow with 24 and 18 inch wheels. I took it Wilson’s at White Cross, Guisley – which at that time hhad changed the name to SILVER CROSS and asked them to completely restore it WOW! WOW! WOW! It looked BRAND NEW and it was in their showroom with other black ‘look alike’s Mine had the larger wheels than the new ones there and was 2 or three inches taller (good because I and my daughter are both tall) ‘ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS’ They had put a brand new Wilsons pram handle, logo emblem and the wilson hood knobs and knobs(sorry do not know correct names) they are on the suspension frame at the side of the leathers, all Wilson, WONDERFUL. When I called in to see my pram, there was a party of Japanese business men there and they were almost begging me to sell it to them, for a lot more money than I had paid for the purchase and restoration. Needless to say I did not sell and we still have it now. still looks brand new! And now my great grandson is using it.
      So Ilane I know what you mean because since ours is back in service, I have been chasing a La Dauphine like my original and have become an addicted collector. I just love them and I believe people like us have a name, we are called ‘pramies’ apologies if mine has been a long and boring story. Eve W.

      • Lucy says:

        The Silver Cross company never changed the name to Wilson, the name Wilson was given to their luxury range of prams, these were often the same models but were made with better materials and were always priced in guineas.

  14. charleen says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for the info on how to store a pram, very helpful to know.

  15. Mary says:

    Thank you Lucy for such a warm welcome to your great site. Your tips are so helpful and although I am going to have great delight pushing my granddaughter out in her silver shadow. I certainly will retain this information for storing in the future . Looking forward to more great advise help and tips .

    • Lucy says:

      Glad you are finding the site useful, the Silver Shadow is one of my favourite prams and I am sure you will get lots of enjoyment using it for your new granddaughter.

  16. vicki says:

    I am in the process of restoring my daughters twin silver cross dollys pram. There is a nut and bolt missing from the handle. I can hear that the bolt is in the body of the pram, but cannot get to it! Any comments to help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Vikki says:

    I have a soft bodied vintage Sivercross pram that has been stored for 35yrs.
    I went to clean it up to sell but I can’t get the pram body to erect again. It seems as though the fabric has shrunk as it will not stretch out again using the stretchers that secure it when erect. Any ideas?

  18. Sarah Shorrock says:

    I am buying a pram for my daughter and the vinyl inside has yellowed. Can I do anything to clean it?? Advice would be much appreciated

  19. Jan says:

    Thank you Lucy for the tips you never know how much caring there is into storing your pram

  20. Robert says:

    Thank you . I am new to the pram forum and appreciate any and each tip .

  21. LuLu Rose says:

    I am new to the forum too and am absolutely mad about coach built prams!

    Does anyone know the answer to this question.

    Did Silver x produce a Mulliner and was it like the Wilson Mulliner, on the much loved 24″ Wheels??
    Or have I got that al wrong?

    Best regards

    • Gaynor says:

      I have a Wilson Mulliner and as far as I am aware it was a Wilson Model only! Hope this helps!

    • EVE W says:

      Hi LuLu I believe you are correct!because Wilsons changed their name to Silver Cross it as the new ‘modern’ name for Wilson’s of Guisley and my first pram was from Wilson’s! I wrote a little bit more as an answer to Ilane above so have a look back! I too am new to the forum but I think it is brilliant! for us addicted ‘Pramies’

      Bye,an d good luck,
      Eve W.
      ps my Wilson Pram was purchased in 1964, the next in 1985 but that one was Silver Cross

      • Lucy says:

        Wilson was the name of the owners of the Silver Cross factory, in the mid fifties they produced a more luxurious range of prams and these were named Wilson. The Silver Cross models were still produced, the company didn’t change its name.

  22. Jade says:

    My pram is slightly off balance and is very squeaky, I’m expecting another baby so really want it on tip top before it arrives.. Any advice?

  23. Ernest says:

    I just signed up the other day and appreciate the suggestions, however my plight is to obtain new wheels for my English 1961 Pedegree (Blue). My wife and I bought it for my first son and now have 14 grandchildren.
    I have searched the web to no avail and would love any help.

  24. linda Billingham says:

    Why not insure prams when in house or garage that is locked secure, under any item worth up to a set amount, say £500 to what ever, £5000? Need paper work to prove value, like purchase price or renovation value. I have mine with co op on house and contents. Just a bit more on overall cost.

    Having prams in profesional storage,costs should include insurance to the value.

    Just a thought?

  25. Debbie-Kate says:

    I am new here I LOVE prams mainly from the late 1950’s to the later 90’s, I find the way pram makers where coming up with new ideas for design, I am not a fan of the large coach built prams maybe its cause I am only 4’10” and wouldn’t see over them. I have prams and pushchairs all over the house, I also collect reborn dolls which look cute displayed in them. I knit baby clothes for mine and friends dolls from vintage patterns. On Saturday I go to pick up a Pedigree pram a soft bodied one with a chassis that folds down, no idea what model though.

    • Lucy says:

      Thank you for getting in touch. It would be good to see a photo of your pram when you get it, you could even have it featured as Pram of the Month! If anyone would like to have their pram shown please e mail me clear photos to

  26. Debbie-Kate says:

    Picked pram up its smells musty but no mold on it, handle is a big loose where it attaches to chassis, it belonged to the same family from new in 1961. Can I steam clean it? I wiped it down but the fabric still smells.

    • Lucy says:

      It is really difficult to remove smells from old prams, search on the website (search box top right) for musty smells and it gives lots of advice on there.

      • Debbie-Kate says:

        thank you I febreezed it last night and it seems to have work, just have to put autosol on the chrome now and scrub the tyres one of which has a piece out of it where the brake had been left on for years.

  27. julie tolcher says:

    Thanks for those tips and advice.

  28. Lynn says:

    Great tips on storing my Balmoral pram. Thx

  29. Janet says:

    Hi Lucy
    Thank you for your advice

    I am currently the owner of six mini
    Coach built dolls prams

    4 are brand new Silver cross
    2 are Vintage Royales

    As I have no room indoors they are all in my Big LoG cabin

    It does not at all get wet inside

    Also as I do my crafting in there as well, I do. Create some heat
    So that could create moisture

    I spent prob about £2,000
    These last few months , and I certainly don’t want them to perish

    Two of the prams are erected as of yet
    But il take your advice and do light smearing on chrome of Vaseline
    And cover with sheets

    I thought that plastic could be prob
    So decided against plastic covering

    Thanks again for your advice 😊

  30. Wendy says:

    Hi Lucy, a security tip for storing prams in garage, shed or summer house, l do it with all my stuff.l bought a motorbike chain with lock and then threaded garden fork, spade lawnmower, grandsons bikes anything you can and lock them altogether being careful not to scratch the pram, , which should be coveredwith old sheets or blankets.Then if a lowlife does try to steal the , it would make a lot of noise and there wouldn’t be able to get lock off.Also a baby monitor, put it in garage and parent part keep near you and if anyone goes in, you would hear themThe motorbike locks are best because there can’t be broken with bolt clippers there can be expensive but so is all the things you can attach to the .No one will get your pram law mower spade forks ect out of garage because of the noise it would make. Hope this helps someone Wendy.And thankyou Lucy for all you do for this site l love reading it all x

  31. dear Jackie could you please help me to restore a childs silver cross pram. The last time I sent it to the wrong person. please if I have again could you forward it on for me please .

    • Lucy says:

      You need to get in touch direct with Jacki, send her an e mail or phone her using the contact details on here.

  32. Gill Slaven says:

    Fantastic detailed information on the links for restoration. Why re-invent the wheel when you have access to those who have succeeded before? Many thanks.

  33. Nicki Holmes says:

    Thanks for your advice. I stored my pram in a garage after having my children twenty years ago. They all played with it but I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. It’s a silver cross Kensington. I now have a beautiful granddaughter and would like to revive my pram. All my family are horrified particularly my mother that I plan on using it and keep going on about germs. I didn’t cover my pram and didn’t remove the bedding which I now regret as mice nibbled away at it. It is in amazing condition and I have polished it, before reading this article, hoovered it out and cleaned it about eight times using anti-bacterial spray. I have also invested in a new mattress and sheets. I have even found the old raincover and sun canopy. There are benefits to being a hoarder! Do you think I have done enough?

    • Lucy says:

      I would definitely advise you to remove the inner bed of the pram as there could well be evidence of mice being underneath. If you search on the website for ‘inner bed’ there are instructions how to do this. It is really quite easy and if you check underneath you will have peace of mind using it for a baby.

  34. Toni wood says:

    i have a new well 2yr old kensington pram.
    am i ok to follow ur instructions m and stor in my loft in 2 pices as my loft is not tall?

    • Lucy says:

      You could remove the wheels as this will reduce the height and you could also remove the hood. If you look on the website there are details of how to do this.

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