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Posted by Lucy On November - 8 - 2017

Classical designs never go out of fashion, whether it is clothes or items for the home. The same can be said for prams, a coachbuilt pram will always have that classical look.  However  today’s young parents may like the style of the prams, but perhaps want to update them a little.

With a coachbuilt the paintwork can be changed to a different colour and have a design painted on the sides. This extract (courtesy of Silver Cross) is from a 1950’s Silver Cross pram brochure showing the colours available for their prams and the interior colours.

Now, sixty years on, in keeping with fashionable trends some coachbuilt prams are being painted in bright colours or have designs on them. These appeal to modern parents who want a sturdy pram but with a more up to date  look than the original colours. I have seen prams with abstract designs and others with nursery characters painted on the sides.

As one Grandma commented, “it would be nice to see more nursery characters such as Muffin the Mule or the Woodentops’ spotty dog instead of the more common ones.”   Maybe, but the younger generation are unlikely to remember these from the Watch with Mother programmes of years ago! Picture left is of a commemorative postage stamp from a few years ago showing Muffin the Mule.

I did a short survey amongst young people I know and asked what characters or designs they would like on a coachbuilt pram. The answers were intriguing, surprising and amusing, but the most bizarre had to be from a young man who said he would have something from Star Wars on a pram for his children!

Most of us probably prefer traditional colours for our prams, but does it matter what designs or colours young parents choose? Surely the important thing is that more and more of them are opting to use a coachbuilt pram, and if they want to customise it so what?

Tell us what you think – should prams stay traditional and original or be given a more modern look?

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  1. Lucy says:

    Well done on choosing the best for your baby!

  2. Charmaine Scott says:

    I prefer he traditional, timeless look of coachbuilt prams! However, I do understand modern mums and dads would prefer an up-to-date image! Whichever style is chosen, it can only be better for babies to have a comfortable, roomy pram!

    • Lucy says:

      “Vintage” is very fashionable at the moment, I have heard of a lot of modern parents looking to buy a vintage pram for their baby, whilst also having a modern buggy for the car.

  3. Peter says:

    I think that the trouble today is, it is ‘fashionable’ to have a ‘buggy’. The child is the one who suffers as they are not so warm or comfortable. I recently advertised a quality Marmet coachbuilt pram on Ebay. It was one where the body is removable from the chassis, so, separated, will easily fit into a modern car. The wheels in the boot and the body inside the car, easier still in a hatchback! I offered it for £150, cheaper than most buggies, but did not have one taker!!!

    • Lucy says:

      That surprises me but a lot depends on the condition. To sell a pram on E Bay you need to take clear, close up photos of any defects such as rust, tears, fading etc. And it will sell better if you “dress” the pram to show how pretty bedding can enhance the look, but clearly state in the description if this isn’t included in the sale.

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