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Posted by Lucy On September - 18 - 2017

I received the following message from a gentleman in the States after he saw a recent post about Silver Cross Wilsonette pushchairs:

“Sorry for the late reply to this older topic. A gentleman over here in the states was doing some home improvement work for us. When he found out I collected strollers and prams he brought over one he had purchased years ago secondhand for me to try and identify.

From your posts I now know it is a Wilsonette, and the Silver Cross name is stamped into the leg rest. The color is a charcoal grey or black…hard to tell with the dust and dirt from storage. No rust, fortunately. The whole body outside along with the mudguards and frame are that color. Only the wheel hub caps were plated metal. He asked me about the age/value and I told him I’d guess 1940s and roughly $100(USD). It is missing the hood which is a shame because the value would probably be less than $100 in the present condition. I wanted to find out from you if there is anyone who has replacement parts, such as the hood, that would fit this model. Also, is there anyway to figure the age of it closely since these were made over several years? Thank you for your kind assistance”.

Some of the Wilsonette pushchairs didn’t have a hood, this was an extra cost so the one you have may have just been a basic pushchair. One way to determine the age is that during the war years and post war of the 1940’s chrome was not used on prams. If the mudguards and frame are painted then I would think this is from that era.

However, maybe some readers of this post may have more information, if so please leave a comment on this post on the website.

Wilsonettes rosebud

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  1. ann foston says:

    I absolutely love these pushchairs and have been trying to get hold of one for the last couple of years,however the ones I have seen have been out of my price range.If anyone out there has one at reasonable costs I would love to hear from you,Thanks in advance

    • Wendy says:

      Hi, l use to collect silver cross prams and am sure lve got a children’s pram like this for playing with in my loft. It doesn’t have hood or apron tho, my daughter use to play with it in garden and she is 30 now, so lve had it long time.l do look after my prams and have original silver cross Marlborough pram which was bought in 1979 for my son, then my daughter then 2 grandsons. That’s still in good condition. I will get my son to get it out the loft take photos and will show it to you.l kept it in case l got a granddaughter, but my children have finished with baby’s now.l bought my daughter a silver cross twin pram but she always loved this one and use to put sun canopy from twin pram on this one, , and I took her to shops with it and omg, it took me 2 hours to get home with people stopping and talking about the pram.My son’s on holiday for 2 weeks, so will put photos on when I can Wendy.

  2. Christine Maclean says:

    I have one of these. Just the basic model in powder blue. My niece loves going out in it. Only issue is it keeps setting off the shop lifter alarm In almost every shop I go in.

  3. Lizzie says:

    I have a Wilsonette that has been dated as 1949/50. It has a khaki green hood and chrome wheel caps and mudguards. Unfortunately the rain cover is missing. It is in near perfect condition and I regularly use it for my grandson.

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