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Posted by Lucy On February - 6 - 2014

A while ago I wrote about my latest find, a Wilsonette pushchair,

I have just received this  interesting comment in response to the article and I want to share it with you as it is such a lovely story. And if anyone can help Sally find tyres for her Wilsonette please get in touch.


‘Ah, the good old Wilsonette pushchair!

Ours was bought for me in the late 1950s, and was christened ‘Charabanc’ by my mum. Over 50 years it has been used on the farm for a succession of myself and my sister, 4 grandchildren, and other little visiters. It was always so comfortable and practical over farm tracks, even in muddy conditions. Mum used to put three big scatter cushions in it to ensure the passenger was really comfortable.

When dad was 80 he decided to retire and so the farm was sold. In the attic had been stored our 56 years old beautiful navy Marmet coachbuilt pram (also very good on farm tracks!) and Charabanc. Mum asked me to store the Marmet, but we left the Wilsonette behind, thinking that it only had sentimental value.

In December I became a granny, and as I began researching towards renovating the Marmet pram, I discovered the Prammie enthusiasts! On seeing the post about Lucy’s Wilsonette, I realised how careless we had been to leave behind our old pushchair seven years ago, and we sent dad back to the farm where Charabanc was still patiently waiting to be rescued.

The new owners of the farm explained that they had taken the pram to the tip but were told by staff there that they should keep it, as it was a rare vintage pram. Thank goodness for knowledgeable tip staff!

Happily dad was able to bring back the pram, which after a hard life on the farm, is in need of renovation, including new tyres. Sadly, Nathalie who supplied me with new tyres for the Marmet, doesn’t have tyres for the Wilsonette, so I’d really appreciate any suggestions. I recommend Nathalie of Oldtimer prams, who has been very helpful,  always responding very quickly to my emails and has given me lots of practical advice.


Thank you so much for  telling us about your ‘charabanc’, Sally, how lovely that you have managed to get it back. I hope you enjoy pushing your grandchild around in it.

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  1. Mandi says:

    Hi I have a wilsonette pushchair in good condition for age I was wondering if you buy these pushchairs ? I am looking into selling mine many thanks
    Mandi x

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