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Posted by Lucy On July - 25 - 2017

I received this lovely e mail from a lady called Ann, and I am sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you as I think lots of us can identify with what she has to say. Thank you Ann C for your very interesting message. 

“I would love to see a return of the lovely big coach built prams of yesteryear but as well as the fact that more people have cars and don’t do their shopping locally any more, there is also the fact that in this day and age nobody leaves babies outside shops any more and most shops just don’t have the facility to accommodate large prams in store.

As a young mum in the 60s and living in a basement flat I went for something practical – a Pedigree detachable soft bodied pram which was only a step up from a carry-cot on wheels. It was grey with a cream interior.


1964pedigree carrycot

I didn’t think much about it until my first visit to the local clinic where we took our babies for their weekly check-up. And that’s when “pram envy” set in There, in all it’s glory was a Marmet pram, still soft bodied and detachable but it was all navy blue, navy interior and had two small wheels and two larger ones. Oh it looked so smart with its white broderie anglais covers that I hated mine from that moment on.

Five years later, when we’d managed to buy a house, I decided I would like another baby even though I’d said “never again” after a difficult pregnancy and birth and I couldn’t wait to go and order my dream pram, a silver cross coach built and definitely all navy blue inside and out. My husband once remarked that I wanted the pram more than the baby (not true of course). I even had the matching all navy reclining pushchair for taking in the car. I felt so proud of it wherever I went and especially when I turned up at the school gates to meet my eldest son. All the mums would gather round and admire it and the baby of course.

During those intervening years I became a “pram spotter” in much the same way as men could tell you what year, make etc. a car was. I could tell the make from a distance and noted whether it was leather strap hung or the cheaper version with the chrome fixings, the older deeper bodied prams and the more modern shallow styles that had become more fashionable over the years.

I still love looking at prams even though I’m now in my 70s but most of the latest designs now look like something out of a sci-fi film”



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  1. Laura says:

    30 years ago, I didn’t drive, so I took my carriage built pram everywhere. I was lucky in that it had a storage compartment under where my son slept. I used it every day for shopping and for his naps. I don’t remember people commenting upon it, although even then, it was unique. Now, when I take my granddaughter out in the pram, I get so many comments that’s it’s almost embarassing. I still get recognized as “that pram lady!”

  2. Sandra says:

    Dear Laura
    Embarrassing NO ,I would be Proud,also Proud to be called The Pram Lady.

  3. Lizzie says:

    I had a Silver Cross Kensington for my last baby (now 15). It was navy blue and had a white lace sun canopy and a pram seat for my older son. I got the pram and all the accessories for £5 from a charity shop in Penge where we lived at the time. It was absolutely beautiful and I always received compliments when taking it out. Unfortunately it ‘went missing’ when we moved to Whitstable a few years later. I would have loved to use it for my grandchildren too. Out of interest can anyone put a rough date on an antique Cosette pram I have seen in a local shop. It looks ancient but lovely!

  4. Liz says:

    I still have my Silver Cross Pram (now in my son’s barn) Both my children used it and also my four grandchildren so it now looks slightly the worse for wear. It was built in the late sixties, white body with medallion on side and bottle green hood and apron. I loved pushing it around the village when my children were little and they both slept in it in the daytime outdoors. By the time I pushed my grandchildren in it from 2000 onwards I was frequently stopped by people admiring it and now think I would like to restore it before the mice in the barn move in. Who knows, maybe my great grandchildren will get to ride in it!!

    • Lucy says:

      Read the post I wrote about Storing a pram and it will give you lots of information as to how and where to store. Please don’t leave it in the barn!

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