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Posted by Lucy On September - 10 - 2017

Following on from my recent post about being careful to make sure the advert you see for a pram is genuine, I received this message from a lady who herself became the victim of a scam, this is what she has to say, so please take note if you are buying a pram:


Hi, I have been reading your post about scams. l was scammed myself and I knew from as soon as I paid the money, but that’s too late. lt was a Balmoral silver cross coachbuilt pram, new, which I asked lots of questions about. l was told it had been bought as a gift and because they lived in a flat it was going to be too big.

l thought it sounded plausible as my daughter couldn’t have my Balmoral l had kept since having my son first 37 years ago when it was called another name. So it was kept at mine. Then she bought a big 4 bedroomed house and I decided to buy her one of her own.

I paid £550 for the pram and something was niggling away at me because of the price. So l asked what was the colour inside and for photos ( l had asked for photos of the pram before buying and got them) saying l wanted to match pram sets.  l was then told they couldn’t remember as it hadn’t been delivered yet, but will be delivered straight to my house.

I realised then l was scammed because it could have been cancelled. I contacted ebay and was told l would have to wait for about 6 weeks then open a case.l was shocked at this but one thing I did do was refuse a bank transfer and l said l would only pay by PayPal.

So unless you can go see the pram don’t pay any other way but with paypal, luckily I had funds to be able to buy daughter another one while I finally got my full payment back 2/3months later.

These people knew the baby was due in 6 weeks, they don’t care it’s just the money they wanted. l’ve ended up buying 6 more coachbuilt prams off eBay but all paid for through PayPal. 

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  1. Maria says:

    Ahh poor lady, that’s a terrible thing to do. Let’s hope Karma will prevaile in the end.

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