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Posted by Lucy On August - 31 - 2017

Pram of the month for September is a vintage Silver Cross Corniche.

The pram was bought new in the seventies from Babyland Boutique in Dudley and still has the original shop label attached. In 1977 the pram was sold secondhand to a lady who used it for her babies. It was then put it in storage until 1984 when it was passed onto a relative who used it for her baby son and her second child later on. Afterwards, once again the pram was put into storage where it was kept until recently.

The pram now belongs to a couple from the north, who sent me this delightful photograph of the pram, with the Flying Scotsman in the background as it travelled along the Settle-Carlisle railway. This is the same pram that was used for that baby boy in 1984 and after being refurbished it was presented to him by his parents and is  now being used for his firstborn, a baby daughter.  He told me they use the pram as their main pram for the village where they live and it draws a lot of interest, but most importantly Baby loves it and sleeps contentedly.

The pram is a beautiful shade of burgundy and its owner tells me that he is hoping to get a photo at one of the stations with a crimson LMS train passing through – given how well the pram would match the colour schemes.

I am very grateful to the young man for sending me this interesting story of this Silver Cross Corniche, it is always nice to hear how these vintage prams are once again being used for their intended purpose.


SX Corniche flying scotsman


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  1. Shelley says:

    Thanks so much for all the information that you put on here. I love this story. I just bought a Silver Cross Berkeley that was advertised as having no smells. When I got it home I realized that was musty but had been wiped down with a cleaner that hid the smell. I will now have to replace the hood, apron, and bedliner.

    In one of your posts you talk about PVC fabric that is baby safe. Is that because it doesn’t have harmful chemicals? What would I ask for at the upholsterers shop? I called one place and they had no idea about baby safe vinyl. What would I ask for to make sure that the hopsack is baby safe? I live near Vancouver,BC, Canada and appreciate any help that you can give me.

    • Lucy says:

      It is safest to buy fabrics and vinyls that are used for upholstery or furniture items as these are usually non toxic, but do double check first before you use anything for a baby.

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