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Posted by Lucy On October - 1 - 2017

October’s pram of the month is a Swan pushchair, from the 1960’s. My sister had a  pushchair like this and in the seventies when we went on holiday I borrowed it, as my mother insisted the baby buggy I had would not be warm enough at the seaside for my little boy! To be honest at the time I thought this pushchair was old fashioned in comparison to my modern Maclaren buggy. But mothers know best don’t they and as my husband tended to agree that we did need something with a hood and apron, the little pushchair was folded up neatly and fitted into the car boot alongside the suitcases and my beloved baby buggy was left at home.

However, I had to admit that my Mum had been right because the weather whilst we were on holiday was a typical British summer, with wind and rain on several days. The hood and apron sheltered baby from the  wind when walking along the seafront and if it rained baby remained snug and dry. Even with the raincape that draped over my buggy I realised the borrowed pushchair was much more practical and when we returned home I bought it from my sister, it lasted until my son was toddling and was then used for my second baby and lasted several more years, then I passed it onto a cousin. Very sturdy little prams!

These pushchairs were very handy to take on public transport. Do any of you remember when pushchairs had to be folded up and placed in a compartment under the stairs on buses, which was open to the elements as in those days buses didn’t have doors, except in the driver’s cab. It was quite scary sometimes if the bus turned a corner sharply and the pushchair rolled onto the platform, but the conductor usually managed to grab hold of it.

Several manufacturers made pushchairs in a similar style to this, the Silver Cross Wilsonette for example. Another advantage of these pushchairs was the ability to change the pram body around so the baby would face the parent or  it could be changed forwards, to allow baby to look where it was going.

I have a Wilsonette now and it is a great little pram, especially useful to take to Forties events as it is easy to lift in and out of the car on my own, and of course it always attracts lots of comments from people who had a similar model.

Did you have a pushchair similar to this one?


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  1. Diana says:

    i had a mclaren 3 in one pram for my second baby now 40 but had a
    large high pram for my older daughter.Most mothers in Aus had strollers like the Swan made by Steelcraft they were pratical and easy to take on public transport foe those without a car

  2. ann foston says:

    I would adore to own one of these,have been looking for ages,just fabulous.

  3. Lin says:

    HI, I’ve just bought a pram like this to renovate, whist rubbing down have found Silver Cross embossed on the footplate, can anyone tell me what the model is please? it has a hood to it.

    • Lucy says:

      It is probably a Wilsonette model, if you search for this on my website (search box top right) there is more about them.

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