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Posted by Lucy On August - 1 - 2017

Pram of the Month for August is a Swan pram


swan cornwall


I thought it a good choice for this month as some of you may be heading to Cornwall for your holidays and this pram is the Swan Cornwall model.

From the late fifties, this model sold for less than 23 pounds!! I love the elegant styling on this pram, the swirling coachlines are quite unusual.

When I was at primary school a girl in my class had the surname Swann and of course her doll’s pram had to share the same name.

Have any of you got a Swan pram? If so do leave a comment on the website.

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  1. di lemma says:

    hi i have a swan drop toe dolls british racing green

  2. Janet says:

    This is the pram my Mum had for me. It was dark green. They were mainly sold in Kent and Essex.
    Would love to own one but cannot find one for sale. I have a dolls version but baby size would be fantastic.

  3. Diana says:

    I bought a Swan Pram at an auction sale for $50.00 Canadian and I am totally in love with it. I always wanted one for my children but couldn’t afford it so when I saw this one I had to have it for my grandchildren. I couldn’t figure out how to send a picture of it to you but would love to share one.

  4. I recently did up a Swan drop toe that was bought new in 1952. Ordered from Selfridges in London, Delivered after baby arrived. in its long history it has had 49 babies in it. some for up to a year, others for a nap when visiting & there baby was to out in the garden for a nap
    The owner now 86 is thrilled to have it looking so good. It also have a beautiful pram set made by Jean Gill. Just waiting for baby number 50 to use it.

  5. Allison Ramsay says:

    I have purchased 8 different prams and having a great time restoring them. I’m guessing I have $10,000 american dollars invested. NOBODY here in California wants them ! I am so shocked ! I have loved prans since I was in one. I really don’t want to give them up, but they are overtaking my house. Any suggestions as to how I can market them, please

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