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Posted by Lucy On March - 8 - 2014

This item appeared on my website some time ago, but as a lot of you keep asking where to obtain a pram bag I am repeating it.

On older prams it was usual to have a pram bag which matched the hood and apron and fixed beneath the handle, shopping trays were a more recent addition in the seventies.

These bags were box styled, with a zipped top and sometimes a flap at the front for things such as door keys.

(All pictures copyright Jackie Canning)

They were extremely useful for outings when it was necessary to take a change of nappy, milk etc, all those essentials for a baby that you need whenever you go out.  And they were useful for small items of shopping, larger items being placed in the pram bed, often amusing the baby, as one elderly lady told me – she had been to the bakers and placed fresh breadcakes in the pram with her young daughter, who was about 13 months old at the time. The lady stopped to chat to a friend, as they were busy chatting the baby discovered the paper bag, found the breadcakes and took a bite out of several of them.

When buying a new pram the matching bag was usually an optional extra, so not all vintage prams will have one. Or if there was a pram bag originally it may have been misplaced or damaged over the years. The bag for my own pram had been lost and it would have been impossible to obtain an exact match to the hood and apron on a 50 year old pram, therefore when I had the hood and apron recovered I also ordered a new pram bag to be made in the same material (see picture above)

The bag was made for me by the lady who did other work on my pram, Jackie Canning, and not only did Jackie make a new bag she also recovered  hooks that go over the end of the pram, in the same material as the pram bedding. 


The bag has brackets at the back which simply slip onto the hooks.

Inside the bag is roomy and lined in the same material as the pram bedding and is easily cleaned should spillages occur.

If you would like a pram bag making for your own pram please contact:

E mail

phone number      07821371461

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  1. lyn says:

    Must admit she does a fab job of restoration on the prams and the bags are fab, next on me list for my Osnath lyn x

    • Lucy says:

      I am thrilled to bits with my pram bag for the WW, truly vintage style, but I need one of the other type for my navy Kensington eventually and I will go back to Jacki as I can’t fault her work.

  2. karen webster says:

    I am really pleased with the bag that Jackie made for me, it looks great hanging on my britax marmet pram. Thankyou Jackie.

  3. amanda tolley says:

    could you please help me brought a Marmet Imperial pram need a new hood made its navy blue could u help please.

  4. Sharon says:

    Hi does any one know how much Jackie charges for new hood and apron dolls pram silver cross I think it’s a Durham rose getting it delivered next week going to restore it was going to buy the material and do it my self but carny find any tutorials

  5. Sharon says:

    Hi does any one know how much Jackie charges for dolls hood and apron for silver cross pram think it’s a Durham rose iam getting it delivered next week and want to restore it for my granddaughters I was going to buy the material and do it my self bit carnt find any tutorials and I’ve never restored one before it has its original hood on but no apron

    • Lucy says:

      I suggest you contact Jacki to ask for a price, her contact details are on the website, search for her using the search box top right hand side.

  6. Carol rose says:

    Looking for a navy bag for adult barmoral coachbuilt

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