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    Twelve Prams of Christmas – new book!

    My new book ‘Twelve Prams of Christmas” has been launched today on Amazon! You can download it to your Kindle (and if you don’t have Kindle – put one on your Christmas list!)   The book contains twelve stories about prams at  Christmas, compiled by interviewing lots of people who loved sharing their memories with us. I often take my prams to Care Homes, some of the stories are from the old people there, others are from people I have met[…]

  • Dunkley pram

    Pram of the Month December – Dunkley

    Pram of the Month for December is this rather quaint Dunkley, look at the wording in the advert where it praises the construction. Looking at the deep body and how low down the suspension is, I would hazard a guess that this pram is from the thirties/forties, I don’t have any information about this make so if anyone knows more about them please add a comment on the website.  

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    How a pram is made

    A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be given a tour of the factory in Yorkshire where Silver Cross coachbuilt prams are man ufactured.  It was so interesting to see how a pram is made and I thought you might be interested in knowing more. Coachbuilt prams were made by various manufacturers in the UK until about 30 years ago and gradually as the market for traditional prams lessened they stopped manufacturing them until only Silver Cross is[…]

Hints and tips

Posted by Lucy On September - 17 - 2017 7 Comments

It is now several years since I started this website, primarily intended to help with restoration of coachbuilt prams, but as time has gone on it has evolved into a website with all kinds of information about prams. If you are new to the site and wish to find out about a certain topic it might take a while to trawl through all the previous posts. Therefore, if you want to look for something specific go to the website[…]

Pram of the month for September is a vintage Silver Cross Corniche. The pram was bought new in the seventies from Babyland Boutique in Dudley and still has the original shop label attached. In 1977 the pram was sold secondhand to a lady who used it for her babies. It was then put it in storage until 1984 when it was passed onto a relative who used it for her baby son and her second child later on. Afterwards, once[…]

Choosing bedding for a coachbuilt pram

Posted by Lucy On August - 22 - 2017 0 Comment
my baby

When it comes to choosing bedding for a coachbuilt pram for your baby be careful not to use too many covers as the baby can overheat easily and become very ill. When coachbuilt prams were used in the past we put a cotton or flannelette sheet over the mattress with another one covering the baby, then either a pram blanket or quilt. Babies were dressed in handknitted clothes which were kind to their tender skin and at the same time[…]


Vintage prams are experiencing a surge in popularity as more and more modern parents want to keep up with the latest trends for all things vintage. But what do you look for in purchasing a vintage pram which is to be used for a baby? First of all have a look around this site and at prams for sale or that have been sold on E Bay to find out about the different models, look in pram brochures from Silver[…]

Advice from the States – removing mildew

Posted by Lucy On August - 8 - 2017 1 Comment
annes 2

Thank you to David, in the USA, for sharing this tip with us about a product to remove mildew: “Not sure how helpful this information is to anyone in the market for secondhand coach built prams, but here’s some upholstery mold/mildew removal tips posted on a stroller/pram group I’ve been associated with for 13 years over here in the states. You may not have the exact same products available in the UK but probably have cleaners that are very similar.[…]

Pram of the Month – August

Posted by Lucy On August - 1 - 2017 6 Comments
swan cornwall

Pram of the Month for August is a Swan pram     I thought it a good choice for this month as some of you may be heading to Cornwall for your holidays and this pram is the Swan Cornwall model. From the late fifties, this model sold for less than 23 pounds!! I love the elegant styling on this pram, the swirling coachlines are quite unusual. When I was at primary school a girl in my class had the[…]

Pram spotting

Posted by Lucy On July - 25 - 2017 5 Comments
1964pedigree carrycot

I received this lovely e mail from a lady called Ann, and I am sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you as I think lots of us can identify with what she has to say. Thank you Ann C for your very interesting message.  “I would love to see a return of the lovely big coach built prams of yesteryear but as well as the fact that more people have cars and don’t do their shopping locally any[…]

jackie interior bed

If you are planning to use an old coachbuilt pram for a baby then it is essential that there is no mould or dirt underneath the interior bed. This happens when a pram has been stored in damp, cold conditions such as a garage or loft. It is often assumed that if the interior of the pram has been thoroughly cleaned then it will be fine for a baby, but underneath the bed unit there may be lots of accumulated[…]

Pram of the Month – July

Posted by Lucy On July - 1 - 2017 0 Comment
1936 Twin Bedcar

Pram of the Month for July is a twin Bedcar made by Silver Cross in the 1930’s. The price is unbelievable in comparison to today’s cost of prams! I wonder if any of this model have survived? Maybe you were a twin or have a friend or relative who could have been wheeled around in a Bedcar, if so do leave a comment on the website.  

Sun canopies

Posted by Lucy On June - 20 - 2017 3 Comments

 In the UK our weather can be unpredictable so we have to be prepared for all kinds of weather.   Have you got a sun canopy  should we have another hot summer? With our British summers you may be wondering what is the point in buying a canopy. The answer is simple – to keep the sun off the baby. As well as exposing it to ultra violet rays which can cause damage to a baby’s sensitive skin, strong sunlight[…]