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    New parents – what to look for in buying a...

    Vintage prams are experiencing a surge in popularity as more and more modern parents want to keep up with the latest trends for all things vintage. But what do you look for in purchasing a vintage pram which is to be used for a baby? First of all have a look around this site and at prams for sale or that have been sold on E Bay to find out about the different models, look in pram brochures from Silver[…]

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    Advice from the States – removing mildew

    Thank you to David, in the USA, for sharing this tip with us about a product to remove mildew: “Not sure how helpful this information is to anyone in the market for secondhand coach built prams, but here’s some upholstery mold/mildew removal tips posted on a stroller/pram group I’ve been associated with for 13 years over here in the states. You may not have the exact same products available in the UK but probably have cleaners that are very similar.[…]

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    Pram of the Month – August

    Pram of the Month for August is a Swan pram     I thought it a good choice for this month as some of you may be heading to Cornwall for your holidays and this pram is the Swan Cornwall model. From the late fifties, this model sold for less than 23 pounds!! I love the elegant styling on this pram, the swirling coachlines are quite unusual. When I was at primary school a girl in my class had the[…]

June Pram of the Month – Pedigree Vanity

Posted by Lucy On June - 1 - 2017 7 Comments

This month’s Pram of the Month is the Vanity model by Pedigree, from 1964. The pram had a feature moulded side panel and the hood and apron were in Merimo fabric. Pedigree prams were very popular, they were often slightly less expensive than some other makes, but nevertheless they were sturdy prams and many have survived over the years. Did you have a Pedigree pram for your baby or do you still own a Pedigree pram? If so do leave[…]

Silver Cross dolls’ prams

Posted by Lucy On May - 25 - 2017 14 Comments
sx doll pram

Remember the days when all the town centre department stores had a pram department? As a little girl I used to love to go into Lewis’s  and have a look at the prams that were on show there. I would stand for ages just gazing at all the different models and bouncing the handle up and down, wondering which pram I would choose when I grew up and had babies of my own. My mother used to have to almost[…]

Pram accident

Posted by Lucy On May - 17 - 2017 1 Comment

I am sure lots of you look at the flimsy buggies used by parents today and wonder if they are as safe as the ones we used for our own children. I am assured they are, after all we have stringent health and safety standards these days and no manufacturer would sell a product that was unsafe for a child. But even with the safest pram accidents can still happen as this story informs. In  the 1980’s Silver Cross had[…]

grey pram reborn

It is now several years since I decided to find how many coachbuilt prams are still being used.  Are they in danger of becoming a product which will be  lost forever, or are they going through a period of revival? And what are these prams being used for? Are they museum pieces? Are they used for a baby? Who uses them? Modern parents? Or grandparents? Some people collect these prams for their sheer beauty and as examples of great British[…]

Silver Cross prams for the Rich and Famous

Posted by Lucy On May - 6 - 2017 3 Comments
princess anne prams 2

Silver Cross prams have been very popular with the rich and famous over the years, as well as being the choice of the “ordinary” parents. Despite media articles the Queen did not have a Silver Cross pram, but she did have one of a different make fully restored by Silver Cross, hence the confusion. In 1977 when Princess Anne was expecting her first baby, Peter Phillips, the Centenary Committee of Silver Cross agreed to present two prams to the Princess.[…]

Who remembers Kamella products?

Posted by Lucy On April - 25 - 2017 3 Comments

Who remembers Kamella fabrics? I have a beautiful pram rug made by Kamella and it is so thick and fluffy, ( double sided so can be either white or pink) and looks stunning on one of my vintage prams, very much admired and a real talking point when I take my prams out. Kamella also made sleeping bags and dressing gowns for babies and children. Their adverts in wartime pointed out that during air raids there was added danger for[…]


if you are new to pram restoration then you need this book! It has been written to help a beginner to get started with bringing an old pram up to a standard where it is baby ready. After lots of research, using my own experience and that of other pram restorers, I have included lots of advice to get you started. For example, how do you remove rust from chrome, what to do if a pram smells musty after years[…]

Silver Cross Berkeley and Portman prams

Posted by Lucy On April - 18 - 2017 8 Comments

Further to my previous post about identifying different models of prams, flat bottomed on detachable chassis, here are two more similar prams but these have more defined mouldings on the sides but are easily confused. First of all there is the Silver Cross Berkeley, which has a chrome strip in the shape of an elongated cross, this model was available in two tone colour or one colour. I have this model in grey and navy, one of my favourite prams[…]

Silver Cross Carlton, Grosvenor, Corniche

Posted by Lucy On April - 11 - 2017 2 Comments

There seems to be a some confusion about the different styles of prams made by Silver Cross, particularly amongst the ones with the detachable chassis. I am often contacted by people asking what model pram they have, so hope this will help you identify them. First of all there is the Carlton, this has a wavy line along the side of the body, with a chrome strip.   Then there is the Grosvenor, which has just a curved coachline painted[…]

April Pram of the Month

Posted by Lucy On March - 31 - 2017 0 Comment
flickr pram ad

Pram of the Month for April is a Queen of the Road. Queen of the Road prams were made for Co-operative stores throughout the UK and were made in various designs. The one shown in this ad was from 1960. A lot of these prams are still around, do you have a Queen of the Road pram or did you used to own one?