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  • Storing a coachbuilt pram

    As autumn is here, I thought it might be useful to remind you  once again of how to store your pram. Maybe you only use your pram throughout the summer months to attend events, in which case you need to know how to look after it when putting it away for the winter. Or maybe you are storing a pram until it is needed for another baby. Whatever the reason, you should find these tips invaluable. Before storing the pram,[…]

  • marmet super duchess-1

    Marmet pram memories

    I have received this interesting message from an American lady about Marmet prams, if anyone knows the date the factory closed please leave a comment. And if anyone happens to have a photo of the factory if you e mail it to me I will forward it to the lady who contacted me, my e mail is   “I am enjoying these stories about Marmet. I worked in the accounting department typing invoices in 1964 and 1965. It was[…]

  • swanC1

    Pram of the Month October – Swan pushchair

    October’s pram of the month is a Swan pushchair, from the 1960’s. My sister had a  pushchair like this and in the seventies when we went on holiday I borrowed it, as my mother insisted the baby buggy I had would not be warm enough at the seaside for my little boy! To be honest at the time I thought this pushchair was old fashioned in comparison to my modern Maclaren buggy. But mothers know best don’t they and as[…]

Pram of the Month – August

Posted by Lucy On August - 1 - 2017 6 Comments
swan cornwall

Pram of the Month for August is a Swan pram     I thought it a good choice for this month as some of you may be heading to Cornwall for your holidays and this pram is the Swan Cornwall model. From the late fifties, this model sold for less than 23 pounds!! I love the elegant styling on this pram, the swirling coachlines are quite unusual. When I was at primary school a girl in my class had the[…]

Pram spotting

Posted by Lucy On July - 25 - 2017 5 Comments
1964pedigree carrycot

I received this lovely e mail from a lady called Ann, and I am sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you as I think lots of us can identify with what she has to say. Thank you Ann C for your very interesting message.  “I would love to see a return of the lovely big coach built prams of yesteryear but as well as the fact that more people have cars and don’t do their shopping locally any[…]

Buyer beware

Posted by Lucy On July - 18 - 2017 4 Comments

If you are looking to buy a vintage pram, then please bear in mind that what you are told by the seller may not always be the true facts.  I will be writing more in a future post on what to look for when buying a pram, but in the meantime here is some good advice. When you see a pram advertised, do try and go view it if at all possible. If you can’t do this then ask lots[…]

jackie interior bed

If you are planning to use an old coachbuilt pram for a baby then it is essential that there is no mould or dirt underneath the interior bed. This happens when a pram has been stored in damp, cold conditions such as a garage or loft. It is often assumed that if the interior of the pram has been thoroughly cleaned then it will be fine for a baby, but underneath the bed unit there may be lots of accumulated[…]

Pram of the Month – July

Posted by Lucy On July - 1 - 2017 0 Comment
1936 Twin Bedcar

Pram of the Month for July is a twin Bedcar made by Silver Cross in the 1930’s. The price is unbelievable in comparison to today’s cost of prams! I wonder if any of this model have survived? Maybe you were a twin or have a friend or relative who could have been wheeled around in a Bedcar, if so do leave a comment on the website.  

Sun canopies

Posted by Lucy On June - 20 - 2017 3 Comments

 In the UK our weather can be unpredictable so we have to be prepared for all kinds of weather.   Have you got a sun canopy  should we have another hot summer? With our British summers you may be wondering what is the point in buying a canopy. The answer is simple – to keep the sun off the baby. As well as exposing it to ultra violet rays which can cause damage to a baby’s sensitive skin, strong sunlight[…]

Comment from the US

Posted by Lucy On June - 13 - 2017 2 Comments
SX Carnival

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about an accident involving a pushchair, and this is a comment I received from a Vintage Pram Fan in USA, telling me of a similar incident. It just goes to show the strength of these Silver Cross pushchairs! Thanks to Joanne for sharing her story with us:   “My husband and I visited London in 1970 and I saw the SX Carnival everywhere. We lived in NY and had not seen it[…]

Summer Pram Events

Posted by Lucy On June - 6 - 2017 3 Comments

Now summer is upon us in the UK, there are lots of events around the country where you can take a pram. These events include Vintage or WW2 events, where prams always attract a lot of attention. It is of course better if your pram is authentic to the era, if you take a seventies pram to a forties event there is sure to be at least one re-enactor who may make unkind comments, but chances are most of them[…]

June Pram of the Month – Pedigree Vanity

Posted by Lucy On June - 1 - 2017 7 Comments

This month’s Pram of the Month is the Vanity model by Pedigree, from 1964. The pram had a feature moulded side panel and the hood and apron were in Merimo fabric. Pedigree prams were very popular, they were often slightly less expensive than some other makes, but nevertheless they were sturdy prams and many have survived over the years. Did you have a Pedigree pram for your baby or do you still own a Pedigree pram? If so do leave[…]

Silver Cross dolls’ prams

Posted by Lucy On May - 25 - 2017 17 Comments
sx doll pram

Remember the days when all the town centre department stores had a pram department? As a little girl I used to love to go into Lewis’s  and have a look at the prams that were on show there. I would stand for ages just gazing at all the different models and bouncing the handle up and down, wondering which pram I would choose when I grew up and had babies of my own. My mother used to have to almost[…]