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Posted by Lucy On February - 22 - 2014

I am often asked if I can recommend anyone to make a new hood and apron, a new bag or reline a pram, I have had one of my own prams refurbished by a lady called Jackie in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have seen many other prams that she has restored. It is two years now since I last mentioned this so for newcomers to the site I am putting her details on here again.  Her work has been sent all over the UK and abroad so even if you don’t live near it is still possible to get the work done for you.

Jackie trained as an upholsterer when she was just a teenager and over the years she must have recovered thousands of items, not just pram hoods etc but also furniture. This proves how she has thoroughly learnt her skills, her work is very professional, in fact she is a perfectionist. I once visited and saw a pram she had just finished, it looked perfect to me but a very slight crease in the hood made Jackie dissatisfied and she told me it would have to be redone.

The picture below shows a close up of some of her work. Fastenings are matched to the style on the original apron, the ones below are the more modern stud type but lift and dot style are used on vintage prams.

If you want a particular colour of fabric then Jackie does her utmost to find it for you, she did an excellent job when I asked her to try and match the blue of the Wedgwood plaque on my pram for the hood and apron.And here are some hoods and aprons she has made in other colours.

One of Jackie’s “trademarks” is that when she does a new hood she inserts a small ring behind the hood braid, if a toy is hung there it can be slotted through the ring instead of having to pin it to the braid. Just a small touch, but one that makes her work that extra bit special.

If you would like to contact Jackie for a quote these are her contact details

e mail:

phone number 07821371461

And do please tell her that Lucy sent you! :)

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16 Responses

  1. Anne Williams says:

    Hello Jacqueline,
    I have a vintage Peg Perego pram that needs the hood to be replaced due to holes. I live in the USA.
    Would you consider this job?
    Thank you,
    Anne Williams

  2. clare mcinerney says:

    i have a wilson pram which has a small tear in the hood just behind the braided area,rather than have the entire hood recovered is there any way i can hide this tear?

  3. Lucy says:

    If the tear is in the lining you could try to patch it, you may be able to buy a patch of the same lining if you look on E Bay. If it is the “pastel dash” lining then I hav some of that, £2.50 for a 6″ square approx, including postage. Alternatively you could use adhesive and stick the patch back into place. If it doesn’t show I would do this.

  4. jade says:

    Hi,my name is jade. I’m in the process of searching for a vintage coachbuilt pram and am really excited about renovating it. I’d really like to be able to do all the work myself as id like to experience that sence of achievemen tbut i have no experience what so ever. Do u know of anyone who would be willing for me to come and watch them replacing the hood and aprons, and even the interior so I could learn and go away and do it myself?


  5. jacqui says:

    Do you know of any weekend/short courses on refurbing a pram? That would be a fab way to treat ourselves.

  6. Natalie Copeland says:

    I have recently bought a royal coachbuilt pram but it has no hood, how much would a brand new hood cost?


  7. Trina says:

    I need to get a replacement Silver Cross Kensington pram BLACK Hood & Apron. Any suggestions outside of the 1 seller on EBay which is highly expensive? Please advise.

    • Lucy says:

      You could have your existing hood recovered, Jacki Canning does an excellent job, her contact details are on my website. Or you could contact Babybirds or Silver Cross.

  8. kayleigh says:

    Hi I have a childs toy oberon pram and was wondering if it was possible to get some new stretch fit hood and apron covers made for them? X

    • Lucy says:

      This is something I haven’t heard of before, why do you want covers? To protect the hood and apron from damage or to cover them because they are in poor condition? You could contact Jacki Canning who makes new hoods and aprons to see if she can help. If you search for her on the website you will find her details.

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi i am after a new hood and apron for my sx tenby have tried emailing but addy doesnt seem to work could i get a quote at all please?
    Many thanx xx

  10. Anna-Marie says:

    I have a hood that is fading and would like it be revamped to a different colour, the lining is all fine, would Jacki be able to do that?

  11. Tatjana says:

    Hi, I have a Perry Pram and it is missing the Apron cover, it is Navy Blue. I live in the US, can you assist with this and what is the cost?
    Thank you.

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