Vintage Pram Fan

For Fans of Silver Cross and all Vintage Prams

pram-factory-3-tube-bendingIn response to a recent post, which showed the above photograph,  I was contacted by a gentleman who used to work at Silver Cross. He gave me some very interesting information about his work, here is his comment (thank you Andy!)


I worked at Silver Cross in Guiseley from 1986-89. I actually worked on those very machines on the bottom picture. If you look closely they are brazing the tubular chassis and not the  the big truly coach built ones with the flat bar type chassis. The bow, as it was called, was actually bent by hand. The end of a flat piece of steel was placed in a half oval jig and the operator would literally set off running to form it around the oval bow shaped jig. He would then turn it around and do the other end giving you the bow shape. The bow would then be hand riveted to the chassis sub-frame, using a typical anvil and ball peen hammer, giving the dept its name of the Blacksmiths. Even in the 80’s large coach built prams were not very popular and we probably only built around 50-100 per week at that time. Occasionally we would get a pram to renovate that belonged to the Royals for a new addition to their family. I have fond memories of Silver Cross and it was a big employer for Guiseley for a lot of years.


Thank you Andy for sharing this with us, it is always good to hear from former employees who worked with prams.