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Posted by Lucy On June - 13 - 2017

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about an accident involving a pushchair, and this is a comment I received from a Vintage Pram Fan in USA, telling me of a similar incident. It just goes to show the strength of these Silver Cross pushchairs!

Thanks to Joanne for sharing her story with us:


“My husband and I visited London in 1970 and I saw the SX Carnival everywhere. We lived in NY and had not seen it there. I bought one complete with hood, apron, and footmuff and brought it home for our six-month-old son.

We used it so much we had to replace the wheels because they were worn down. We used it also for our daughter who is five years younger.

We had moved from NYC to San Francisco after our daughter was born. One evening when my husband was driving on the Bay Bridge a driver behind him, not noticing that traffic had stopped, drove into the back of our VW Rabbit, setting off a four car collision. The force of the hit caused the back of the car to be crushed.

The CHP officers who responded could not believe that the car hadn’t exploded on impact. They discovered that the folded Carnival on the floor of the back area had absorbed the impact and that the back of the car was crushed around it. It was over the gas tank.

We always said the carriage had saved his life. After the body shop cut it free from the car we continued to use it for our daughter. Three grandchildren have also used it. The guy at the body shop said it was stronger than the car.


SX CarnivalSilver Cross Carnival pushchair above (picture courtesy of Silver Cross)

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  1. Sandra Davidson says:

    I had this lovely push chair. It went everywhare with us. I had a silver crpss coach built pram so needed a good push chair. This push chair is very comfotable for a baby, I had a disabled child, so even moor important,
    I would never buy any other make, than Silver Cross and Wilson, They are the Rolls of prams.

  2. Nicola says:

    Silver Cross make their prams very durable. My 1992 wayfarer combo was very sturdy, my 3 year old would sometimes ride standing on the edge of the shopping tray between the handle and pushchair seat his brother was in. No bent axles ever! The boys also rode in a 1950s Silver Cross York carriage pram, also built to last. I sold it on in 1997 or so.

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