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Posted by Lucy On August - 22 - 2017

When it comes to choosing bedding for a coachbuilt pram for your baby be careful not to use too many covers as the baby can overheat easily and become very ill. When coachbuilt prams were used in the past we put a cotton or flannelette sheet over the mattress with another one covering the baby, then either a pram blanket or quilt. Babies were dressed in handknitted clothes which were kind to their tender skin and at the same time were warm and comfortable. If you are using a coachbuilt pram there is no need to use a padded snowsuit as this will overheat the baby too much. Some people recommend the pram apron should only be used in wet weather, but I used mine throughout the colder months, both my babies were “winter” babies and were put outside in the fresh air to sleep every morning, snugly tucked up in their pram. If you decide to do this then always use a cat net over the pram, cats love to find warm places to curl up and may even snuggle up next to the baby, which could suffocate the child.

Pillows should not be used for babies under a year old, but to help with reflux you can put a pad under the top end of the mattress to raise the baby’s head slightly.  Some people prop up a pillow behind the baby, usually to “dress” the pram, but if you do this make sure it cannot fall over the baby’s face. It is perhaps safer to just place a pretty pillowcase over the mattress and rest the baby’s head on this. There are some very nice pram sets, comprising of pillowcase and quilt, available on E Bay, or if you sew you can easily make one yourself.


my pram

And remember that the fabric on a vintage pram, whether it was vinyl or cloth, is waterproof so no need for a plastic raincover, simple pull up the hood and attach the apron if caught in a shower of rain! In stormy weather use a rainshield that fixes across the gap between the apron flap and the hood, which will prevent wind and rain from blowing onto the baby.

When you come home with a pram that has been out in the rain, wipe off surface water from the bodywork and then leave the hood up and the apron fitted until it is completely dry.

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