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Posted by Lucy On January - 9 - 2018

When you buy or sell a vintage pram you need to make sure it arrives safely at its destination. I have heard some horror stories from prams being lost or stolen and of others being badly damaged in transit.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that when choosing a courier you choose one that is recommended and has been used by other pram buyers/sellers to deliver or collect a prized pram safely.

If you can collect or deliver a pram yourself  then you will save on courier fees, but if you don’t have a large enough car or van then you may have to hire one. This is worthwhile if you feel you really want to transport the pram yourself. Or you could go by train, many people take their coachbuilt prams on trains but you would have to check the station has a lift between platforms if there are a lot of steps. Compare costs of using your own transport with the fees a courier would charge.

Some of the large courier companies will transport prams, but some will insist on measurements and weight before they will quote a price. Somewhat difficult if you don’t know how much your pram weighs!  A warning to be careful about using a large courier company as many of them use scanners on all the items they transport. A lady I know had her pram delivered by one of the well known companies, when it arrived the body was badly damaged and two of the four wheels were so badly buckled they were unuseable. The seller of the pram had taken lots of photos before she despatched it, of the different sections of the pram and also of the packaging showing it was adequately protected, which was fortunate as she could then prove the damage had been done in transit. The excuse they gave was that the pram had been put through a scanning machine and the damage had been caused from that. A valuable pram was ruined and beyond repair, not to mention a very upset seller and a very disappointed buyer.

Choose a courier who is able to give you an approximate date when they can deliver or collect, but sometimes delays occur which are beyond their control so please bear this in mind. When using any courier. even if they give you a definite date and approximate time to arrive, delays can occur due to traffic, weather etc.

Our prams are very precious to us, especially vintage ones which are irreplaceable, no amount of compensation from a courier firm can pay for the loss of damage to a loved pram. Ask how your pram will be stored if there is a delay between destinations – will it be kept in the van, if so where will the van be parked? Will the pram be taken out of the van and stored between destinations? Again, ask about security of the storage.

Please do be careful and heed the advice given here, much better to use a courier that “knows his stuff” than just a parcel courier who probably doesn’t realise the sentimental value of our prams. Unfortunately one of the trusted couriers, Davy the White Van man, has now given up this job, so I am unable to recommend anyone I have used to transport my own prams.

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  1. Sandra Davidson says:

    I love Silver Cross products. I have given my children the best money can buy. Silver Cross prams are the best start a baby can have as far as cosyness and warmth. I have a beautiful regal red coach pram that is top of the range with many miles on its tyres. I also had a silver Cross brown push chair and a high chair which is well travelled. I would recommend Silver Cross products to any new mum.

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