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Posted by Lucy On March - 1 - 2014

How many of you remember the carrycot and transporter prams which were popular throughout the sixties and seventies? I had one for my own babies, as well as a “big pram” of course. The carrycot was perfect for using when the babies were newborn as the carrycot could be placed inside the large cot at night, it could be taken on visits to relatives or friends and was ideal for shopping instead of having to leave the pram outside.

Carrycots were used with what was called a “transporter”, which meant it could be used as a pram and wheeled around as well as used as a cot. Lightweight but sturdy these little prams were very useful, the wheels folded neatly when not in use and the cot itself folded flat.

In the early days with my own babies when I went out in the car I put the carrycot on the back seat of my little Mini and the wheels went in the boot. A folded nappy underneath the carrycot at the rear of the seat ensured the carrycot was flat and not sloping, but other than that it wasn’t secured in any way. How dangerous we would think this is today but I travelled miles with my babies like this and thankfully they came to no harm.

Once baby was sitting up the carrycot was no longer any use as there were no safety straps inside, so as with my other prams, I sold the carrycot and transporter and yes, you have guessed, I wish I had kept it!!

But some months ago I was fortunate in that a lady I know was clearing out her attic and found her old carrycot and transporter so offered it to me. At the moment it is being used by my granddaughter for her dolls but I have been asked if I will loan it to an expectant mother. This lady is in the UK while her husband is studying and then will return to their own country, at the moment they are living in a tiny flat and have no room for a full size pram or cot, and being on a student income are short of money, so the carrycot and transporter will be ideal. She was over the moon when I offered to loan it to her and when her baby arrives in March the carrycot will be very useful and put them on until they return home in summer. 

The photo above is of the Silver Cross Minuet carrycot and transporter, very similar to the one I now have.

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  1. Julie Preston says:

    I still have one,not sure of the make,it’s brown & the transporter is a bit rusty,belonged to my Mum for my brother (born 4mths after I had my son) & I’m sure I have mine which is turquoise vinyl (not my choice as it was a present)still in the loft xx

    • Annis says:

      Hi Julie,
      My parents had a turquoise carrycot for my sister and me. It was bought in June 1958 so maybe yours is quite old. I used the carrycot for my girls born 1983 and 1984 but when no 3 arrived in 1987 my Dad ‘stole’ the carrycot because he thought it was too dilapidated. He had already bought a replacement so when I got back from Sainsbury’s the baby was in a brand new carrycot. The transporter was bought from Boots in 1983. We still have this pram and it is ideal for visits away. It is plastic inside so easy to keep clean. I’ve got 2 grandsons and I do hope that there will be more one day. x.

  2. Kay says:

    Being an 70’s/80’s teenager I often took baby’s out for a walk on a Sunday afternoon. One in particular had a carrycot pram and a coachbuilt. I so preferred the coachbuilt because of its suspension. I remember one day going to take James out for a walk and was given the carrycot to push as it was thought to be easier for a young girl to handle. I’m afraid I didn’t agree and was well miffed! Kxx. Wonder what all those babies are upto now?

  3. Bonita Targett says:

    I had one of these carry cots,bought when I had my son on 4th July 1963. It was the same colour as the hood and apron of my Chatsworth Rose Silver Cross pram. My husband had to sell his beloved Fairthorpe that he had built from a kit in 1959 as the carry cot would not fit on the little seat beween the driver and passenger. It was on the back seat of our car (empty) when I took my driving test. I knew when the examiner was going to ask me to make an emergency stop as he leant round and put a hand on it to steady it before banging on the dashboard!. I passed my test and when my daughter was born in 1965 drove miles with her in the carry cot and my son, now a toddler, in a car seat that just hooked over the back seat. I still had it in 1971 when we adopted baby twins and drove miles with them ‘top to tail’ in it in a Renault 5,one of the first five door cars. When my daughter was born in 1976 we had a little Fiat van. My twin daughters then progressed to travelling in a pair of ‘hook on’ car seats and No. 5 in the carry cot on the floor daily to collect the ‘big ones’ from school.How dangerous!

    We have now been married for 52 years and I have recently started restoring Silver Cross dolls’prams.I’d love one the same blue as mine, but haven’t come across one as yet.

    • Irene Cowe says:

      Hi I am looking for thicker wheels/tyres for the carry cot transporter. I use mine for pegging out the washing…no carrying. We have just had our garden altered from grass to chippings and it is hard going. Wondered if you could help in any way. I’ve had mine since 1975, navy blue, fantastic pram. Irene

  4. Brenda says:

    I also had a navy carrycot and wheels. it was fantastic, I used to stick mine on the back seat of the car and clip the seat belt around it . in 1982 I had my 1 month old baby in the carrycot on back seat ,when I was involved in an accident. the car was written off, though it did not look so bad. I was not badly hurt ,just sore knee, and when I got out of car I took the wheels out of the boot and popped the carrycot on and went off to the hospital with baby intact. the apron was tightly fastened on and the baby just slid down in under the apron not a mark on her,. after I thought I finished with prams I sold all off, and yes I have collected a lot of prams since but I would love a carrycot with wheels. I did see one on ebay a few months ago. but the seller would not post to Ireland. but I will keep looking. they were made of strong stuff.

    • Annis says:

      Dear Brenda,
      I just read your post and wanted to tell you that you were very lucky that your baby suffered no serious injury. When my friend did an emergency stop with her baby in the carrycot the baby fell out of the carrycot. She was brain damaged and died a few days later. Sadly when babies are not stapped in securely they very often die.
      After a while lots of paediatricians got together and the Carrytot seat was invented. In 1987 I had my third baby at Ipswich hospital and these seats were available to buy on the Post-natal ward. We got one and it was marvelous. We still use it as a chair for a tiddly baby.
      And we’ve also got a navy blue corduroy carrycot and transporter which my parents bought for No3. This is packed up in thick plastic in our attic waiting for the next grandchild. So useful.

  5. Jean says:

    Hi yes had one of these in 1963 used to take it on the bus to my Mums in the days when we had conductors to help us on and off put the wheels under the stairs and the carrycot on the long seat, but when we went for a walk it was with our silver cross regency very smart in green and white, shame you don’t see all these lovely prams around these days

  6. Dorothy says:

    I would love to purchase wheeled Base any condition

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