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Posted by Lucy On July - 18 - 2017

If you are looking to buy a vintage pram, then please bear in mind that what you are told by the seller may not always be the true facts.  I will be writing more in a future post on what to look for when buying a pram, but in the meantime here is some good advice.

When you see a pram advertised, do try and go view it if at all possible. If you can’t do this then ask lots of questions and satisfy yourself that the seller has answered these truthfully, sadly not all sellers are honest and I have known several people who have bought a pram only to find out that it is not what they thought it would be.

Never part with any money until you have been shown lots of photos of the actual pram, there are a lot of scammers around who “steal” photos of prams from the internet selling sites then try and pass them off as their own. An unsuspecting buyer then parts with hard earned cash but never receive the pram. If you are asked to pay by bank transfer then unless you are 100% certain that the seller is genuine then don’t pay that way, you will have no claim from the bank if the seller is a scammer. It is the same if you are asked to pay by Paypal, often these scammers will ask you to pay “friends and family” to avoid paying the fees, but if you do this you will have no claim against Paypal if the sale is bogus.

Beware if you see prams advertised on some of the pram facebook sites, scammers even try to sell their prams on those, but now most Admin on the facebook pram sites insist on a security photo being added to the advert. This should show the name of the person selling the pram, with the date, and it should be placed on the actual pram in a clear photo, not a close up for example of just a pram hood or apron with the piece of paper showing the name, it should show more of the pram.

Sometimes prams are listed on E Bay or other selling sites which say a pram is newer than it is. You can check the age of a pram by the lining, these were changed over the decades and there is more information in my Pram Restoration book about these. You can also check the approximate year certain models were made. Recently I was told about an advert for a 1970’s pram that the seller claimed was only a few years old, but pram collectors who “know their stuff” soon spotted how misleading the advert was and alerted the seller that she could be the subject of a dispute if a buyer found they had been misled and trading standards became involved.

Having said this, many vintage prams have been restored and have different linings and colourways to what they had originally, but you can still tell the approximate age by the style of pram. If you are in doubt then ask for advice by e mailing me or search on the website, I have written several posts about which prams were made in which decade and these will guide you.

Test yourself on your knowledge by looking at this picture, when do you think this pram was first made and is it still in production?




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  1. linda Billingham says:

    Would a numbered question check sheet on every thing about a pram to tick of possibly with pictures attached to each question with written answer be any help?

    Crazy idea maybe or some thing along this format??

    • Lucy says:

      A great idea Linda, thank you. I am currently working on a new book about prams so may include this.

  2. Sandra Davidson says:

    I had this pram in regal red for my first child, It was regal red and gold navy inside. I had to buy a large Silver Cross coach bult pram, sprared in trgal red and gold/navy inside. My son was hindicaped / I lost him when he was nearly 4. I used the pram 17 years later.

  3. Karen says:

    I think this is a silver cross Carlton made in the 80s …I nearly bought one new in 1987 but decided on a used Silver Cross coach built instead …think it was a Milliner ….

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