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Posted by Lucy On August - 8 - 2017

Thank you to David, in the USA, for sharing this tip with us about a product to remove mildew:

“Not sure how helpful this information is to anyone in the market for secondhand coach built prams, but here’s some upholstery mold/mildew removal tips posted on a stroller/pram group I’ve been associated with for 13 years over here in the states. You may not have the exact same products available in the UK but probably have cleaners that are very similar.

‘For mildew removal you can use Simple Green, or soak mildewed fabric in a sealed container with Oxyclean and very hot water. Soak until water is cool. Repeat if necessary. Also, Oxiclean Laundry Stain Remover or Fantastic Oxy can be sprayed on, scrub with small, soft brush (toothbrush), wash, repeat if needed. Spray Nine is also an effective mildew remover – let dry in the sun to fade mildew stains.’

Hope these tips might be of some use.

Always enjoy reading articles on your pram website.


annes 2This is a photo of a very old pram, its mattress was covered in mildew!

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  1. Susan says:

    Lucy. Msg for David
    Where in the states is David located and what pram group is he with? I live in New Jersey

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