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Posted by Lucy On November - 14 - 2017

Over the summer we had a constant stream of visitors, one of them was a former colleague who now has a 7 month old baby.  Struggling  with the baby in its car seat, the young woman noticed my Kensington pram in the hallway.

“My mum had one like that for my brother and I” commented the visitor looking somewhat scornfully at what she probably thought was “an old fashioned” pram. Like the younger generation in the family, she was no doubt wondering why I wanted to have such a big pram for my grandchildren.

I offered to babysit while my visitor went off to a nearby shopping centre, thinking it would be easier for her to go round the shops alone. Just as she was preparing to leave, the baby started to cry so I put him in my pram and gently pushed it to and fro, within minutes the baby was settled.  His mum was amazed and looking at her contented baby she commented “I can’t believe he has calmed down so quickly.”

Once the baby was settled I decided to take him out for a walk, but we had only gone a short distance when it started to rain. The hood on the pram was quickly put up and  I sheltered under my umbrella, which was under the pram on the shopping tray.

When my friend returned from shopping I told her we had been for a walk, she was concerned that the baby had been drenched with the rain and asked if I had taken a raincover. I explained the hood and apron are waterproof, which seemed to amaze her.

(Photo courtesy of Silver Cross).

As we chatted the baby was sitting up happily playing with toys in the pram.

“Now I realise why you wanted one of these prams” commented the young woman, watching her son, who was clearly delighted that he was on the same level as the rest of us.

Of course I then had to boast to the young mother of the advantages of a “proper” pram –  a new baby lies flat and sleeps contentedly, an older baby sits propped up with a backrest and, strapped in, is able to see what goes on around and is on the same level as the rest of the family, whilst the household chores are done the baby sits safely out of harm’s way in the pram playing with toys, when out for walks the baby faces you and is away from traffic fumes. When baby number two arrives there is space for a pram seat on the apron.

When my visitors were leaving the young mum cast an admiring glance over the pram and I wondered if I had converted her to wanting a coachbuilt pram. I had my doubts, she is a trendy young mum who has to keep up with the latest fashions in everything.

However, much to my surprise a few days later I received a phone call from the young woman. She told me that after seeing my pram she had mentioned it to her mum, who in turn had mentioned it to her sister in law, who just happened to have her 1970’s Silver Cross pram stored in a spare room, hoping it would be used for grandchildren someday.  Now I am delighted that another young mother has been converted to using a “proper” pram, her aunt and mother are also pleased that the pram is being put to good use again and that the baby is having the best start in life.  As for the  young mother, what had impressed her most of all was that the pram hood and apron are completely waterproof,  no need to struggle with a  raincover.  She told me that  her son screamed as he hated being enclosed in the plastic cover, as did some of her friends’ babies, and she hated removing the dripping cover on returning home as finding a place to dry it was a problem. Now, the young mum told me, she  couldn’t wait to show off her “proper” pram and was actually looking forward to walks in the rain! I reminded her to leave the hood up and the apron fitted to the pram until they dry, and I am sure once her friends see this trendy mum with her pram they may also want one themselves!

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  1. Gerry van Talligan says:

    I think very slowly our beautiful coachbuilt prams are making a comeback 😁

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