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Posted by Lucy On October - 9 - 2017

I have received this interesting message from an American lady about Marmet prams, if anyone knows the date the factory closed please leave a comment. And if anyone happens to have a photo of the factory if you e mail it to me I will forward it to the lady who contacted me, my e mail is


“I am enjoying these stories about Marmet. I worked in the accounting department typing invoices in 1964 and 1965. It was a wonderful place to work.

I am an American and my Dad had taken a job for the US Navy at Irvin Air Chute, so we moved to Letchworth for two years. I didn’t know anyone until I came to Marmet. They were so friendly and welcoming. I still hear from a few old friends at Christmas.

I was acquainted with some great people in the factory too. They were always ready to answer questions and show me what they were doing. I have looked for a photo of the building for years but can’t find one. But I did find a Marmet Dolly Pram just last year and I got it from the lady who purchased it for her little girl in 1964. So who knows, I may have even watched it being made or possibly typed the invoice to the store that would have ordered it. Can anyone tell me what year they closed? Thanks ever so much. Sandy”

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  1. Anne Bartle says:

    Hello, I have information about Marmet from my research in the town of Letchworth where I visited the archives there. I am happy to contact Sandy directly so please pass on my email address to her.

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